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HOME OF THE STEPAGANZA St. Louis, Missouri the premier destination, none as the “Gateway to the West”. The city is located in the heart of the United States, which makes it ideal for travelers of most major cities. The city was founded just South of the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The Arch built in 1965 has become the iconic image of St. Louis. St. Louis is a metro of nearly 3 million people and is home of past sports’ champions, the Cardinals (baseball) and the Rams (football). The region is known for academics and corporations such as, Washington University, St. Louis University, Harris Stowe University, Anheuser-Busch, Monsanto, Ralston Purina, Boeing, Well Fargo, MasterCard, and Citi Mortgage. The great landmark desegregation Supreme Court ruling of Brown vs. Board of Education (1954) was decided in St. Louis. Many great entertainers such as Tina Turner, Chuck Berry, Scott Joplin, Nelly, Cedric the Entertainer, Katherine Dunham, Angela Winbush, Leon and Michael Spinks, and Joe and Guy Torry are from the St. Louis area.

"History can never be repeated the same way by the same people at the same time and places BUT history can be passed down by sharing the stories of the past, honoring & respecting the people who paved the way and understanding the reasons why this dance was created and its development which has impacted our communities over the years...#Stepaganza is an annual event convened in St. Louis each Memorial Day Weekend to commemorate & celebrate the rich and diverse HISTORY OF CHICAGO STEPPIN'"...peace & blessings

Iary Iseal - CEO and Founder Word of Mouth Entertainment, St. Louis Stepper & Stepper's DJ

Delores Mitchell - President and Co-Founder Word of Mouth Entertainment, St. Louis Stepper & Stepper's DJ


Stepaganza hosted by Word of Mouth Entertainment, LLC., St. Louis, Missouri is an annual awards celebration weekend that honors the legends of Chicago Style Steppin. Scheduled every Memorial Day Weekend, the event features 5 days honoring the people that laid the foundation of what we know today as “steppin”. This celebration in honor of these patriarchs features musical performances, parties, workshops, a contest, fashion show, forum and benefit to a noteworthy charity which are interspersed throughout the weekend with the culmination being the recipients receiving the highest honor of “The Steppers’ Lifetime Achievement Award”. The categories include dancers, disc jockeys, musical performers, promoters, media and instructors. Past award recipients include such legends as Sam Chatman, “Black” Mary Harris, Calvin “Taboo” Jarrett, Raymond "Ice Ray" Smith, Herb Kent, Damita Collins, Marzette Griffith, Alvia "Woodie" McNeal, Kim Bowie, Kousin Danny and Evaughn Muldrew. Yesteryear legends have paved the way for today’s “Heavy-Hitters” who are currently bringing exciting innovations to the steppin game for the next generation...

Keith Hubbard


Founder of Romancing the Dance

Founded in May 2007

Short Description

Keith Hubbard

Program Director

Romancing the Dance® (RTD) is a program that was built on the desire to spread the dance affectionately known as Chicago Stepping around the globe and preserve the grace, the elegance, the dignity, the relationship aspect…the closeness…the respect and a relationship between a man and a woman…”ROMANCING THE DANCE® ”. Since I first stepped foot on the dance floor, it has been a dream of mine to see Chicago Stepping recognized on a national level. A goal to see this spectacular danced accepted and recognized as an original African American dance art form in the national dance arena.


Romancing the Dance® (RTD) is a program focused on bringing individuals from all walks of life together through dance, particularly Chicago Stepping. Its mission is to teach, encourage and strengthen others by sharing life experiences and lessons through dance. RTD works closely with various organizations to promote Chicago Stepping across the nation. Through our program, participants learn a brief history and the basic steps of Chicago Stepping, the count, basic turns, dance etiquette, positioning, following, basic footwork, timing, leading, turn execution, proper hand placement, hand signals, lane control and so much more. It is our expectation that our students walk away from each class with higher self esteem, confidence and a greater appreciation for this dance and the individuals who take part in it.


Organized Workshops

Private Sessions

Instructor Training/Development


1st Dance/Weddings

Weekly Chicago Stepping Lessons Every Friday

Kennicott Park

4434 S. Lake Park Avenue

Chicago, IL 60653

6:00pm - 8:30pm

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 773-829-4164


DJ Stretch Alex

Originally from Arkansas. Moved to Chicago in 1986 while in the Military. He traveled back and forth during the summer months of his of his School years living with his Grandfather on 79th & Honor, who taught him how to Step in the Basement. He resides in Memphis Tn. started Djing in High School. He's a Master of Ceremony. He enjoys writing, singing & arranging music, has concord radio broadcasting in tag teaming with k97.1fm and V101.1 fm, as well as, internet radio broadcast as a personality on WSNR.US - Chicago Ill KPLX 93FM. COM and Louisiana OhSoSmooth Radio.

His experience includes creating commercial video advertisement. DJ Alex Stretch is proud to be a part of the Number One Steppin Event in the Nation Stepaganza in Saint Louis Missouri with Ceo Iary Israel & President Ms.Delores Mitchell for 6 years and counting... Who else could DJ the first event ever in Memphis with back-to-back stepping 21st century under Stephanie Holloman 

Back to Back Steppin was a sister event with Word if Mouth Entertainment of which MC Keith Hubbard & DJ Stretch worked musically along with Iary Israel. It was Iary Isreal that brought DJ Strech to Stepaganza the following year. Where he's been every since .

DJ Stretch has own set on Wednesday nights in Memphis Tennessee. A versatile DJ spinning all kinds of music, different genres in order to please any crowd. Stretch's opinion is that a MC and also a DJ gives DJ strong power in the music world aka being complete.